• Please fax completed form to Geneva Woods Infusion Pharmacy


    Entyvio 300 mg infused intravenously over 30 minutes

    Prior to initiating treatment with Entyvio, all patients should be brought up-to-date with all immunizations according to current immunization guidelines. Consider screening for tuberculosis (TB) according to the local practice.

  • If NO , Begin with infusions at Week 0, 2, & 6 and then continue every 8 week 14
    (refills x 1 year)

    NOTE: Discontinue therapy in patients who show no evidence of therapeutic benefit by Week 14.

  • Optional Pre-Medication Orders: (consider prescribing if patient has previously had a reaction to Entyvio)


  • • Geneva Woods nurse to infuse Cinqair over 20 – 50 minutes via peripheral or central access. If no central intravenous access, Geneva Woods nurse to insert peripheral IV per Geneva Woods Pharmacy protocol.
    Initiate the first infusion with first dose precautions per Geneva Woods Pharmacy protocol, to include monitoring the patient for one hour post-infusion.
    • For the second and third infusion, continue to monitor the patient for one hour post-infusion. For the fourth and subsequent infusions, no monitoring period is required unless otherwise indicated.
    If no side effects are noted, the patient may be discharged to home when the infusion and monitoring period (if required) are complete.
  • Adverse Side Effect Orders: For Cinqair severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis: Stop infusion, initiate hypersensitivity protocol, and contact prescriber. Re-challenge only by order of the prescriber.
    Acetaminophen 650 mg PO q4 hours PRN fever, chills, headache               Solu-Medrol 125 mg IV x 1 dose PRN urticaria, pruritis, SOB
    Diphenhydramine 20 – 50 mg IV q4 hours PRN urticaria, pruritis, SOB       Epinephrine0.2 mg – 0.5 mg IV x 1 dose for anaphylaxis
    Oxygen by nasal cannula at 2 – 4 LPM as needed for chest pain, SOB          CALL PRESCRIBER if second dose is needed
  • Please fax completed form to Geneva Woods Infusion Pharmacy