Our Company

For more than 30 years our goal has been to keep our patients healthy in a home setting. We specialize in meeting a wide range of home healthcare needs, whether delivered at home or in assisted living facilities, and whether they are self-administered or provided by professionals, including our own. We provide comprehensive services for pharmacy (LTC compliance packaging, compounding, infusion and retail), medical equipment, specialty rehab, home infusion, respiratory and other services that ensure convenience, professionalism and efficiency.

Our infrastructure is built to deliver our products and services to the “last mile”, even if that last mile is 10 miles from the nearest road! We serve clients throughout Alaska, Idaho, central Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. Every week, thousands of clients take advantage of our home health services, often delivered by our large team of licensed professionals including, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Assistive Technology Practitioner’s, “GO Techs” and more.


Our History

Geneva Woods Pharmacy was established in 1977 as a community based independent pharmacy. Originally located in the “Geneva Woods” neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska, Geneva Woods Pharmacy’s objective was, and remains, to provide quality complete home care services to rural communities. Thirty years later, Geneva Woods Pharmacy is the premiere home care service company in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. We also serve clients in Colorado, Idaho, Arkansas, Nevada, and Utah. We partner with providers, large and small, to create customized solutions for individual clients. We provide comprehensive services for pharmacy, medical equipment, specialty rehab, and home infusion services.

Our Values

Geneva Woods is dedicated to improving lives. We do it by delivering memorable client service levels, in the most efficient manner, where it is most convenient for our rural clients. We don’t meet expectations. We exceed expectations.


We strive to create an environment focused on high job satisfaction and proactive engagement. Our team connects seamlessly across departments, locations and functions; Geneva Woods fosters a work environment where proactive debate and team-work is encouraged and expected, on the way to accomplishing our vision.


Empower decision making – a well-thought-out mistake is preferable to a non-decision. Empowering our team members to remove obstacles to deliver better, faster and more cost effective services.

Client Experience

Make it a pleasure and delightful for clients to do business with us; surprise and delight.

Client Care

Create a level of client services that is legendary, with a focus on creating value for our clients.


Use technology to create better service, efficiency and clinical care, resulting in better, faster and more cost effective delivery of healthcare services.

The Six Senses

01. Sense of Purpose

Our purpose is to provide CARE. We go out of our way to do things that are hard, because doing the hard things surprises and delights our clients in ways that our competitors can’t.

02. Sense of Urgency

We move with speed and urgency. We remove obstacles, and act decisively, because indecision is the enemy of progress.

03. Sense of Pride

We take pride in the quality of our work; We are committed to EXCELLENCE and intolerant of mediocrity. We field the best team; we challenge assumptions; We simply get the job done.

04. Sense of Community

We are ONE; We are not a collection of pieces;  Regardless of function, location or position.  We are one team, rowing in one direction, delivering care to those in need.

05. Sense of Humor

What we do is serious, but we do it with a sense of humor.   We take our job seriously, but have fun doing it, because life is just too short not to love doing what you do.

06. Our Common Sense

And above all else, we use our sixth and most important sense to get the job done and deliver the highest level of care: our common sense.

Careers at Geneva Woods

Our continuous goal here at Geneva Woods is to provide the service, support, and supplies necessary to achieve the most effective course of treatment for each patient, while allowing them to maintain their lifestyle, independence and happiness. If you have the skills and passion necessary to contribute to this vision, then please read on. We look forward to hearing from you about a potential position with our organization. Our team of professionals currently consists of over 400 individuals, spanning a number of roles across the organization including:

• Professionals (Pharmacists, Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists)
• Technical Staff (Pharmacy, Home Medical Equipment, Respiratory, and Rehabilitation)
• Customer Service Representatives
• Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Staff
• Warehouse Personnel and Distribution Representatives

….and more!

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