Blister cards give you a visual reference to know how many medications you have left. Each blister contains 1 medication.

Cycle Fill Blister Cards:  For medications that are taken on a scheduled basis the number of cards dispensed corresponds to the number of times per day a medication is prescribed.  (e.g. A once daily medication will have one card, a three times daily medication will have 3 cards).  These are dispensed in a variety of sizes/counts, and are delivered on a schedule.

PRN or “As needed” blister cards: For medications that you take on an as needed basis we recommend you start at the highest numbered blister and work backwards.  That way you will know exactly how many medications you have left.  When you get to the blue reorder strip, simply peel off the bar code and fax it, or call the pharmacy to request a refill.  Please allow 72 hours for refill processing.