Home Infusion Services in Anchorage

Each and every one of our therapies are custom made for each patient, according to unique individual prescriptions. We do NOT mass produce any therapy treatments. Our goal is to give our patients the highest level of clinical care and OPTIONS. There is no need to go to a hospital setting for your infusions. In most cases, you can choose to come to our comfortable and convenient suites, or alternatively where the therapy allows, we can come to your home.

Geneva Woods infusion services offer a number of specialized and standard therapies. In addition to the pharmacy and nursing services, Geneva Woods can support patients and referral sources with a variety of specialized services such as prior authorization and insurance approvals, post-therapy visitations and reporting, plus 24×7 nursing support.


Home Infusion (Anchorage)

Geneva Woods Professional Infusion Pharmacy
501 W. International Airport Road, Suite 4
Anchorage, Alaska 99518

When your doctor has prescribed you to receive home-based treatment outside of the hospital, Geneva Woods Home Infusion (in Alaska) is available to help you make the transition to support your prescribed therapy. Our infusion services allows for the safe administration of your therapy treatments in the comfort of your own home. With training from our professional Home Infusion services team, patients and families can take an active role in all aspects of their intravenous fluid therapy.

Receiving infusion services in the comfort and convenience of your home can ease the stress and anxiety sometimes associated with a hospital stay, and is significantly less expensive. This can actually facilitate the healing process. Geneva Woods is dedicated to making your infusion treatments both pleasant and successful.

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