In-Suite Infusion Services in Anchorage

You can choose to receive your infusion treatments in our specially designed suites that provide warm, comforting elements including comfortable chairs with heated blankets, snacks and a TV.

You will be cared for by our highly trained team of experienced nurses and pharmacists. Our team has received specialty training in the process of infusion, and are educated with knowledge of an array of specialty medications. You can receive both short time and long term infusion services at our Anchorage or Wasilla locations.

Learn more about In-Suite Infusion services in Anchorage and Home Infusion in Alaska.

PICC Line Placement (Alaska)

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter

Geneva Woods’ PICC line placement service is conducted by certified nurses with many years of PICC placement and care, utilizing cutting-edge ultrasound equipment, delivering significant clinical advantages.  Some of the common considerations for PICC placement can include:

  • Osteomyelitis;
  • Delayed wound healing due to secondary infection;
  • Oncology diseases;
  • TPN (Total Parental Nutrition);
  • Prolonged duration therapies;
  • Inadequate peripheral vasculature;
  • skin integrity due to disease;
  • infections or steroid use;
  • drugs with extreme variations in osmolarity or pH

Some of the key advantages of PICC Lines are:

  • PICC lines are placed via the brachial, basilic, or cephalic vein
  • Ideal for patients in need of long term or vesicant IV therapy (up to one year)
  • The tip resides in the superior vena cava just above the right atrium of the heart
  • Can be inserted at bedside or GWP facility, using specialized ultrasound equipment

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