Compounding Pharmacy Services in Wasilla

We understand that the medication doses you require are not always commercially available to fit your needs. At Geneva Woods Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive compounding service to ensure you receive the drug formulas you require in the specific form and dosage you need them in.

Whether you need your medication in liquid form, as a cream, lozenge or even lollipop, we can supply it for you. We can even prepare special medications for your pets! Let us know, and we can make your dog or cat’s drug into a flavorful biscuit, pate’ or liquid concentrate.

At Geneva Woods Pharmacy’s Prescription Compounding department, we can tailor your prescriptions to the specific strength or dosage you require as well as create new formulations specifically designed to treat your condition. To ensure proper compliance and treatment safety, our clinically trained pharmacists will work closely with your prescribing physician or veterinarian to achieve proper drug development and administration instructions.

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Compounding Pharmacy Service in Wasilla Alaska

Geneva Woods Pharmacy offers the following compounded applications:

Compounded Hormones





Medication flavoring

Pain management




Our clinically trained staff can compound medications in the following forms:

Capsules (all sizes)

Cream, lotions, powders, gel

Lip balms




Nasal sprays

Rectal and vaginal products




Transdermal gel

Clean Room

Prescriptions for infusion drugs are compounded on the premises. Our state-of-the-art clean room meets all USP 797 compliance standards and is carefully monitored by knowledgeable IV therapy pharmacists and technicians.

Clinical Monitoring

Our dedicated pharmacists monitor patient drug therapies, then review medication profiles, laboratory results and nursing reports. They also communicate with physicians as appropriate to ensure proper dosing.

Our goal orientated programs are customized to meet each patient’s needs, and our friendly, compassionate staff will support your plan by offering:

  • 24-hour, on-call support from pharmacists and nurses
  • Care and maintenance of IV access device
  • In-home training
  • Monitoring for adverse reactions or complications with therapy
  • Monitoring patient response to therapy
  • Patient monitoring with feedback to the attending physician
  • Prompt, professional delivery of IV supplies and infusion medication

We’re at your service and would love to hear from you.