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The Geneva Woods Healthy@Home + medset programs are designed to help clients and caregivers manage complex medication regimens.

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What to Expect


First you’re going to get a phone call or email from one of our intake specialists.  They are going to ask you about the medications you’re taking, the doctors you’re seeing, the current pharmacy you’re using, your insurance information, and preferred payment methods.  It’s important to include all your medications and all your providers so we can make sure your MedSet is complete.  We will also need to know about any over the counter medicines, and supplements that you may be taking.  Some of these may be eligible to be included in your MedSet.

The intake specialist will work with you and your providers to schedule your first MedSet delivery.  From then on you will receive your MedSet on a regularly scheduled basis.

Geneva Woods will manage your medication refills too.

How the MedSet Works


Blister card is color-coded to represent different dosage times. Also, colored pictures of the medication are printed on the label. Because medication is administered directly from the blister, you can be assured that if the blister is open you have already taken the right dose for the allotted time.

Medset Labelling

Geneva Woods has partnered with industry leaders to provide a significant amount of information on our label.  At the top of the medset you’ll see all the medications included, and when they should be taken.  The name and dosage as well as instructions are all noted.   We also show which well the medication should show up in.  There’s information about whether the medication was filled by a robot, or by a person, and there’s even a picture of each medication so you can know exactly which medicine is which.

Learn About the Benefits.


  1. Medication therapy coordination and oversight by our clinical pharmacists.

  2. Enhanced label safety features and ease of use over other compliance packaging options 

  3. Detachable and portable from one single dose to the desired quantity of doses 

  4. Color pictures of the tablets and capsules printed on the label 

  5. Clinical medication monitoring by a team of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists 

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