Long Term Care Services In Spokane

We appreciate the challenges of operating a care facility, and are committed to ensuring that you receive the correct medication at the correct time, that your questions are answered correctly the first time, and that you are given the support to make sure that our mutual clients experience the highest level of care. Simply put, our job is to make your job easier.

Long Term Care Pharmacy Services in Spokane are available at our pharmacy located at 3808 North Sullivan Rd, Bldg. N-15 Ste 103 in Spokane Valley.

Medication Compliance Packaging

The Long Term Care division of Geneva Woods is a leading provider of compliance packaging and clinical pharmacy services for patients living in a variety of settings. We work closely with all of our patients’ care providers, ALF operators, PCAs, family members or individual patients themselves, to consolidate prescriptions into convenient packaging that enables higher compliance rates, leading to lower hospital re-admission rates and better healthcare outcomes. We offer a variety of compliance packaging services, including:

Traditional blister cards, Weekly multi-dose packaging; and Biweekly or Monthly strip-packaging.

To make sure no question goes unanswered, we also offer 24×7 on-call emergency pharmacy support allowing you to speak directly with a pharmacy representative.

Long-Term Care Services in Alaska

Health Minder

The HealthMinder program reminds caregivers when PRN or “As Needed” medications are eligible for refill before the medication runs out. This program enables a timely and orderly refill process, preventing the need for urgent deliveries.

What It Does:

Reminds caregivers when PRN or “As Needed” medications are eligible for refill
Automatically contacts your provider to obtain prescription renewals

How It Works:

• At the beginning of each week, you will receive a list of potential refill medications.

• Cross out medications that do not need refills

• Include other refill orders at the bottom of the list

• Sign and return completed list to Geneva Woods Pharmacy within 24 hours.


The easy-to-use web-based platform allows authorized facility staff members to access, search, edit and print patient and medication information quickly and easily. Facility staff can submit new orders and refills, view the patient billing matrix, and check on the status of deliveries. The iPad application provides complete access to WebConnect anywhere in the facility, resulting in convenience, better access and ultimately, better care.

• Share data electronically between the pharmacy & facility.

• Enable facilities to electronically submit new or refill medication orders that flow directly into the pharmacy filling queue.

• Improve patient safety with electronic refill orders.

• Take advantage of wireless barcode scanning technology for safety and efficiency.

Electronic Records Management

The Geneva Woods Medical Record team, made up of highly-experienced pharmacy technicians, proudly supports a variety of eMAR systems including:

• Eldermark  • Medright  • Almsa  • QuickMAR and others

We work closely with our system partners (QS1, Integra/Docutrack) to develop and maintain interfaces with various eMAR platforms, in order to enable seamless information sharing with our facility clients. Electronic movement of data enables us to delivery a more timely and accurate level of service to our clients, and enables us to react more quickly to any changes or requests transmitted to us.

Pharmacist Consulting

Our Consultant Pharmacists work closely with our clients to create an environment of care, compliance and efficiency. These pharmacists are trained in a number of areas, including:

• Behavioral Health
• Geriatric Care
• Palliative Care; and Regulatory compliance

A number of services are available, either as a component of our base service level, or as a fee-for-service, based on regulatory limitations and market norms. They also are actively involved in educating our client staff regarding various medication management issues. They can specifically assist in a number of areas, including:

• Medication Therapy Management
• Comprehensive Medication Review
• Medication Regimen Review
• Formulary Management
• Medication utilization; and
•Other core and non-core areas of medication management.

These services are designed to assure compliance with the ever-changing compliance landscape, including state certification and audit requirements, as it relates to the medication management.

Nurse Consulting

Our professional nursing team play a critical role in our overall outcome-based approach to providing care. These nurses are part of our Clinical Services group and report into the Director of Clinical Services. Our nursing team is highly experienced in key areas that allow our clients to maintain a high level of compliance and clinical care. This includes:

• Cart Audits
• Med-Pass Observations
• Pre-Survey Audits
• Mock Surveys
• Equipment inspections
• Educational In-services to Staff
• IV Nurse Education

• Documentation and Chart Review
• Pre-Survey Audits
• Medication Pass Observation
• Treatment Observation
• Narcotic Discrepancy Audit
• Two-Way Physician Orders Audit

Geneva Woods nurses can also facilitate the development and implementation of a corrective action plan aimed at meeting specific regulatory requirements, clinical best practices, and risk mitigation. In addition to the specific consultative services provided by our nursing and pharmacy consultants, Geneva Woods offers a variety of educational programs encompassing a number of important areas.

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